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Re: GNU/Linux Naming

From: Noah Slater
Subject: Re: GNU/Linux Naming
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 00:49:20 +0000
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On Fri, Dec 07, 2007 at 04:20:57PM -0800, mike3 wrote:
> On Dec 7, 2:01 pm, "Alfred M. Szmidt" <> wrote:
> > It is only two pages, nothing similar to a volume.  If you cannot
> > bother reading to simple pages, then why should we bother with helping
> > you answering your questions?
> I read the FAQ page _and_ the "Why GNU/Linux?" page, but still
> could not find the answer as to why the name is the appropriate
> place for the credit as opposed to somewhere else.

/me sits back and watches the trolls fight.

Anyone got the popcorn?

Noah Slater <>

"Creativity can be a social contribution, but only in so far as
society is free to use the results." - R. Stallman

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