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module license taints kernel.

From: J de Boyne Pollard
Subject: module license taints kernel.
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 03:47:23 -0800 (PST)
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LP> And I think you _are_ making copies already by
LPI> downloading the program from (at
LPI> least that is the case legally where I live).

DS> Nope. One copy flows over the network, is converted
DS> to the copy on your disk, and that's that. One copy is
DS> all there is. The person who sends it to you may
DS> arguably be copying (one copy on the disk, one on the
DS> network, neither goes away since the recipient can
DS> make the network copy persistent).

LPI> So it is the person who put the kernel on ftp that
LPI> is doing the copying, not the person typing "get"?
LPI> Quite weird way to look at it!

You are creating straw men.  That is not what M. Schwartz wrote at

To understand what M. Schwartz _actually wrote_, read <URL:http://>.

LPI> If you do not like the GPL, then [...]

Again, you are creating straw men.  M. Schwartz has expressed no such

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