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Re: GOOG's Android gambit [was: Re: The death of the GPL and "FreeSoftw

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: GOOG's Android gambit [was: Re: The death of the GPL and "FreeSoftware"]
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 15:29:19 +0100

Tim Tyler wrote:
> Alexander Terekhov wrote:
> > It is worth nothing that Sun has never made available a public
> > list of the IP they own and that you need to license in order to legally
> > be able to run Java (personally, I think they don't know themselves:
> > such things are really tricky to figure out, even internally).
> I expect if you license these you'll be OK:

Nah. That list seems to be a bit outdated.

Searching US Patent Collection...

Results of Search in US Patent Collection db for:
AN/"Sun Microsystems" AND Java: 1510 patents. 
Hits 1 through 50 out of 1510 

   PAT. NO.  Title 
1 7,296,275  Method and system for passing objects in a distributed system 
using serialization contexts  
2 7,296,235  Plugin architecture for extending polices  
3 7,296,190  Parallel text execution on low-end emulators and devices  
4 7,296,044  Method and apparatus for keeping track of memory usage for tasks 
in a shared heap  
5 7,293,267  System and method for performing speculative initialization of 
application models for a cloned runtime system process  
6 7,293,260  Configuring methods that are likely to be executed for 
instrument-based profiling at application run-time  
7 7,293,259  Dynamically configuring selected methods for instrument-based 
profiling at application run-time  
8 7,293,099  Heterogeneous network file access  
9 7,293,051  Collection-set selection using a small priority queue  
10 7,290,116  Level 2 cache index hashing to avoid hot spots  
11 7,290,045  Method and apparatus for managing a storage area network 
including a self-contained storage system  
12 7,289,997  System and method for an extensible metadata driven application 
13 7,287,190  Simultaneous execution of test suites on different platforms  
14 7,287,049  Tracking minimum mutator utilization (MMU) constraints in a 
garbage-collection system  
15 7,286,140  Hardware acceleration of display data clipping  
16 7,284,194  XML based report generator  
17 7,284,054  Systems, methods, and articles of manufacture for aligning 
service containers  
18 7,284,018  Logless transaction coordination  
19 7,281,244  Using a digital fingerprint to commit loaded data in a device  
20 7,281,237  Run-time verification of annotated software code  
21 7,281,139  Authenticating legacy service via web technology  
22 7,281,132  Using token-based signing to install unsigned binaries  
23 7,281,060  Computer-based presentation manager and method for individual 
user-device data representation  
24 7,281,050  Distributed token manager with transactional properties  
25 7,278,582  Hardware security module (HSM) chip card  
26 7,278,132  Mechanism for automatic synchronization of scripting variables  
27 7,277,913  Persistent queuing for distributed file systems  
28 7,277,454  Arbitration of communication channel bandwidth  
29 7,275,260  Enhanced privacy protection in identification in a data 
communications network  
30 7,275,243  Mobile download system  
31 7,275,102  Trust mechanisms for a peer-to-peer network computing platform  
32 7,273,169  Secure photo carrying identification device, as well as means and 
method for authenticating such an identification device  
33 7,272,830  Ordering program data for loading on a device  
34 7,272,695  Hot-card caching to avoid excessive remembered-set updating  
35 7,272,636  Peer group name server  
36 7,269,828  Method for safely instrumenting large binary code  
37 7,269,664  Network portal system and methods  
38 7,269,172  Method and device for managing transmit buffers  
39 7,269,136  Methods and apparatus for avoidance of remote display packet 
buffer overflow  
40 7,266,822  System and method for controlling and managing computer farms  
41 7,266,816  Method and apparatus for upgrading managed application state for 
a java based application  
42 7,266,582  Method and system for automating generation of web services from 
existing service components  
43 7,263,699  Preparation of a software configuration using an XML type 
programming language  
44 7,263,690  Mechanism for safe byte code in a tracing framework  
45 7,263,687  Object-oriented enumerated type facility  
46 7,263,560  Decentralized peer-to-peer advertisement  
47 7,260,623  Remote services system communication module  
48 7,260,543  Automatic lease renewal with message gates in a distributed 
computing environment  
49 7,257,822  Method and system for address book application programming 
50 7,257,812  Methods and apparatus for managing an application  


"The revolution might take significantly longer than anticipated."

                                     -- The GNU Monk Harald Welte

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