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Understanding GPL

From: sam
Subject: Understanding GPL
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 21:44:03 -0000
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I am developing a client/server kiosk system where the kiosk client is
simply a web browser control embedded in an application that does the
basic kiosk things like go full screen keep folks on that application,
etc.  Nothing fancy.

I would like to use the the Open Source library Qt (under the GPL v2)
to develop the kiosk client.  I would release the source code to the
kiosk, but not the source code to the server.  The kiosk going to be
such that I could see others developing client/server kiosks using the
same kiosk software but a totally different engine, thus I do believe
I am violating the spirit of the GPL.

I asked Trolltech (authors of Qt) and they told me to read the license
and determine it for myself.  I have read it and I don't see a problem
with it.  I am wondering if others feel this violates the spirit of
GPL or not?


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