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Gnash Considered Non-Free by Gobuntu?

From: DC Parris
Subject: Gnash Considered Non-Free by Gobuntu?
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 02:29:01 -0400
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I recently learned, and verified that someone has submitted 
Gnash as a "non-Free" package for Gobuntu.  Frankly, even given that the
submitter lists "patents & reverse engineering", I'm baffled as to how,
exactly, he arrived at the conclusion that Gnash is non-Free.  

Is he assuming patent infringement?  Is it a good idea to
consider 'possible' or 'allegedly' infringing code to be 'non-Free' without
some sort of proof positive?

The submitter for the Gnash package is "RyanP"

I find the Mono submission to be slightly less puzzling, and don't know
enough about the Samba project to comment on how well they vet their code. 
On the other hand, I believe Gnash is an official GNU project, and am
assuming that GNU has implemented the same checks it normally does.

Am I missing something?


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