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lcc-win32 and GNU

From: jacob navia
Subject: lcc-win32 and GNU
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 12:35:21 +0200
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In this forum, there was a thread that mentioned that GNU code is being used by lcc-win32.

This should be a violation of the GNU license. We did not know this,
and thought that just distributing the code would
be enough.


1: gdbm distribution is dropped from the lcc-win32 distribution
2: The function "edit_distance" is dropped from the library
3: The linux version of lcc-win32 is discontinued. We are trying to
   evaluate how much effort will be to replace the bfd library
   and use our own object file writing... Until then, no linux
   version will be available.
4: The parts of lcc-win32 that called the gnu program "indent"
   (that itself is derived from earlier code) have been deleted.
   indent will no longer be distributed.

jacob navia

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