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Re: Virtually Zero-Overhead Object Management is neither free software n

From: David Schwartz
Subject: Re: Virtually Zero-Overhead Object Management is neither free software nor open source software
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 04:30:37 -0700
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On Oct 12, 1:59 am, Anthony Williams <> wrote:

> If the GPL part is provided in a separate binary for which an
> alternative non-GPL implementation can be substituted without recompiling the
> main app, you might not have to make the source code for the full application
> available. I expect such an alternative implementation would have to be
> actually available, and not just theoretically available. I am not a lawyer,
> so if you intend to try this you probably ought to get proper legal advice.

If there's some reason you think that makes a difference, I'd love to
hear it. I can't imagine why that would be so.

In any event, my answer would be that so long as neither work is a
derivative of the other, you are just fine. Since hoard contains none
of your code and your code contains no hoard code (assuming you don't
design it specifically around hoard) you are perfectly fine. They are
two legally-independent works. There is no reason to license for one
should affect the other.


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