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Re: Virtually Zero-Overhead Object Management is neither free software n

From: Anthony Williams
Subject: Re: Virtually Zero-Overhead Object Management is neither free software nor open source software
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 09:48:37 +0100
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J de Boyne Pollard <> writes:

> JdeBP> Incorrect.  Come now!  This is a GPL Frequently Given
> JdeBP> Answer.  The correct answer, which you will find at
> JdeBP> <URL:
> faq.html#DoesTheGPLAllowMoney>,
> JdeBP> as well as on Hoard's own web site at
> JdeBP> <URL:
> page=frequently-asked-questions-2>,
> JdeBP> is that one can sell a product that incorporates free
> JdeBP> software, such as Hoard, as long as thatproduct is
> JdeBP> itself free software.  In other words, the product
> JdeBP> incorporating the code must, overall, provide users
> JdeBP> with the same four freedoms from the Free Software
> JdeBP> Definition that the incorporated code does.
> AW> My assumption was that when Chris said "charge a
> AW> fee for a commerical product" he meant a CLOSED
> AW> SOURCE product, or at least one that wasn't itself GPL.
> That assumption, that "commercial" and "closed source" are synonyms,
> is _exactly_ the error that the GPL FGA is combatting.

My assumption was about Chris's use of the term, not about "commercial" and
"closed source" in general --- I know many examples of software licensed under
the GPL which you can pay money for. However, given the common misconceptions
it's probably wise to make that explicit.

Anthony Williams
Just Software Solutions Ltd -
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Registered Office: 15 Carrallack Mews, St Just, Cornwall, TR19 7UL

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