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Re: Free system that could be "real Unix".

From: John Hasler
Subject: Re: Free system that could be "real Unix".
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 18:49:02 -0500
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mike3 writes:
> Would it be possible to construct a Free (note the capital "F") operating
> system that would be capable of meeting all the UNIX standards (POSIX,
> SUS, etc.) precisely enough to be able to be certified by The Open Group
> as UNIX(R)...

Any major Linux distribution could qualify, but nobody cares any more.

> need certification to even call a system "Unix", not just to call
> it "UNIX(R)"...

You need the trademark owner's permission to use the mark UNIX (or unix, or
Unix, or uniX...) as a label to sell it.
John Hasler
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI USA

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