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Virtually Zero-Overhead Object Management is neither free software nor o

From: J de Boyne Pollard
Subject: Virtually Zero-Overhead Object Management is neither free software nor open source software
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2007 10:27:24 -0700
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CT> I am thinking of releasing the version of the allocator I
CT> submitted to Sun Microsystems under the GPL license
CT> for use in free software only.
CT> Humm... I think I will use the following license instead of GPL:

That is not a free software licence.  It denies freedoms 0, 2, and 3
of the Free Software Definition to an entire class of people.  That is
not an open source licence.  It fails to satisfy items 1, 3, 5, and 6
of the Open Source Definition.  I suggest that if you are going to
make a big deal about your competing with Hoard, you don't fall at the
first hurdle by producing software that is neither free nor open,
unlike Hoard.  Hoard is dual-licensed, and one of the licences is the
GNU General Public Licence.  Encumbering your software with patent
claims doesn't help your case, either.  Your attempts to deny everyone
else their freedoms with your non-free software licences and your
patent claims will almost certainly be rejected.


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