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NYC LOCAL: Friday 12 October 2007 SFLC: Legal Summit for Software Freedo

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Friday 12 October 2007 SFLC: Legal Summit for Software Freedom
Date: 8 Oct 2007 18:05:15 -0400

  what="official Software Freedom Law Center announcement"
  where="Columbia Law School on the Island of the Manahattoes"
  edits="removed some blurbs for other things"
  recommendation="see original at
  note="registration is required, see below">

 Subject: Legal Summit for Software Freedom

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 Legal Summit 2007

      * Home
      * Accommodations
      * Registration

 Legal Summit for Software Freedom 2007

    The Software Freedom Law Center will host the first Annual Legal Summit
    for Software Freedom this fall. The Summit will have two parts: a
    closed session in the morning for a private meeting of the world's
    foremost FOSS attorneys, and an open session in the afternoon
    consisting of free legal presentations to the public.

    The Summit will be held Friday, October 12, at Columbia Law School in
    New York. The public portion will begin at 2:00 pm and include legal
    presentations by Eben Moglen, Dan Ravicher, Richard Fontana, James
    Vasile, Karen Sandler and Matt Norwood, each of whom are attorneys at
    SFLC. Topics to be covered include licensing, copyright, patents and
    trademarks, as well as corporate issues related to Software Freedom.
    Continuing Legal Education credit for New York is being sought.

    The Summit is free, but pre-registration is requested for the public

 CLE Credit Information

    This transitonal and non-transitional continuing legal education
    program will provide a maximum of four credits which can be applied
    toward the Areas of Professional Practice requirement under New York
    State Continuing Legal Education (CLE) rules. Advance registration is
    mandatory to receive CLE credit; register by completing the
    pre-registration form on the website. Under NYS Continuing Legal
    Education rules, CLE credit will be offered only to those attorneys
    completing the entire session; attorneys attending only part of a
    session are not eligible for partial credit. Attorneys arriving late
    are welcome to attend the program but will not be eligible for CLE
    credit. Similarly, attorneys leaving the session early are also
    ineligible for CLE credit. Attorneys wishing to receive CLE credit must
    sign in and out of the program's attendance register at the beginning
    and end of the CLE program.

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