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Re: Open source licenses are /actually/ contracts?!?

From: Tim Tyler
Subject: Re: Open source licenses are /actually/ contracts?!?
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 13:05:16 GMT
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These guys have stripped out the header notices - can't they get
them under the DMCA copyright law?

``Provision 4: Removing copyright management information
  The fourth provision bans the alteration of copyright management
  information or providing false copyright management information.
  Copyright management information is information conveyed in
  connection with a copyrighted work for the purposes of identifying
  its origin; such information could include the title, author, name
  of the copyright owner, terms and conditions for use of the work,
  and identifying numbers or symbols referring to the above information.
  This does not include information about the user of a work or a
  copy of the work. The copyright management information is like
  serial numbers on commercial products such as computers or cars.
  This provision prevents a user from altering this information
  prior to passing the copyrighted materials on to others.''
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