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Re: Another GNU License Question

From: none
Subject: Re: Another GNU License Question
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 09:35:06 -0500

In article <>,
mike3  <> wrote:
>On Aug 12, 9:33 pm, John Hasler <> wrote:
>> mike3 writes:
>> > Ie., if you owned all the program, for example.
>> Or if the program has been distributed to you under the terms of the GPL.
>> > But why doesn't this hired guy automatically get license to distribute
>> > your "free" software?
>> Because a copy of it has not been distributed to him.  He merely has
>> temporary possession of a copy in his capacity as your agent.
>That makes more sense. But could you grant him additional permissions
>if you wanted?

Of course. You could in fact distribute the code to him/her under the
GPL if you like. But in a work for hire situation, that isn't an
automatic distribution. So until it's specifically distributed to them
under the GPL, they do not have the right to redistribute that code.


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