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poor Rich Stallman. Saintignucius begging for cash.

From: Karen Hill
Subject: poor Rich Stallman. Saintignucius begging for cash.
Date: 30 Apr 2006 13:23:30 -0700
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If only he closed up the emacs source.  Then maybe he could live a life
of dignity instead of begging for money in exchange for his autograph.
In a GNU convention he needed to sell his autograph to make ends meet.
Saintignucius, aka Rich Stallman, is so poor he needs to trade on his
noterioty instead of making a decent living selling closed source

Imagine if Jesus had to sell his autograph in church to buy food.   If
the leader of the movement  is so poor, how poor will a follower be?
Considering that "Free" Software is a billion dollar business according
to some sources why can't stallman afford food?  Maybe free software is
not such a good idea.  How will stallman make it when he retires?
Will people trip over him as he sleeps under a door stop?  How will you
make it when you retire if you work on free software?

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