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Re: Diff too difficult

From: Barry
Subject: Re: Diff too difficult
Date: 28 Dec 2005 04:19:49 -0800
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
>    There was no line number mentioned,
> Actually, there was.  the "61d60" was your line number. (diff)Detailed
> Normal:
> `RdL'
>      Delete the lines in range R from the first file; line L is where
>      they would have appeared in the second file had they not been
>      deleted.  For example, `5,7d3' means delete lines 5-7 of file 1;
>      or, if changing file 2 into file 1, append lines 5-7 of file 1
>      after line 3 of file 2.

I don't have those files available to check right now, but I remember
opening the diff output in MS Works and numbering the lines, and I saw
that some of the lines that seemed associated with the RdL codes
weren't numbered the same as the  R or L numbers. I don't know if it
was a line ending issue or if the RdL codes aren't meant as an easy way
to determine the line number of the line your looking at, but I know
that the numbers didn't help me.

>    The "@@ -58,5 +58,4 @@" is confusing. There's also no indication of
>    which file is missing the blank line between the two closing tags.
> Because the +++/--- stuff tells you which file.  @@...@@ tells you
> which part of that file you are looking at (in this case, line 58).
> Once again this should all be in the manual.

I searched
(that's what I've been using because it's easier to access than the
command prompt) and I found mention of "@@" explained under "unified
format." It's a huge webpage, and I didn't come across it before. I'm
sure all I need to know is there. It's just that there's so much, and
diff still doesn't work as I'd like.

Anyway, I'll probably finish writing my "diff -y" beautifying script
tonight. I thought of adding filler characters to each line so they
would be at least the length of -w, so I'd know exactly where to look
for the gutter, then to replace the truncated lines with the full lines
and put them in an HTML table that makes them wrap to prevent vertical
scrolling, but I think I could avoid the filler characters.

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