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Re: LGPL question

From: Wyl Newland
Subject: Re: LGPL question
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 20:57:40 -0600

On 11/16/05, Gordon Burditt <> wrote:
>  What  *is* the source code to music?

I find your question most delightful!  It is a question with answers
at many levels.  Let me explore the highest level of music source code
that I can imagine.

How about, in order to distribute a music binary according to the
highest principles of copyleft,  the music producer must make
available, upon the Internet in a copyleft warehouse, the full
head-end raw feed (rendered once only to highest quality digital) AND
the mixdown of the preferred binary embodiment, including attribution
links back to the precise copyleft inclusion "official head-end"

The music source code is, therefore"

"comprised of all alanog to digital, audio, video, environment, and
artifact, recordings captured in all sayings and doings of music
production of copyleft music binary".

It is imperative that every channel of raw feed is pure copyleft,
meaning for example only copyleft lyrics and score permitted. 
Otherwise great mischief emerges and the result is decidedly out of
compliance with pure copyleft and also the Rotary 4way Test.

If any person can word some higher, more precise principles of the
copyleft of Music, please do so.

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