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[PEG_10JB] Peace Engine Game Begins

From: Wyl Newland
Subject: [PEG_10JB] Peace Engine Game Begins
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2005 23:37:02 -0600

LICENSE: (c)Peace Engine License(tm)(patent_claim)
TITLE: [PEG_10JB] Peace Engine Game Begins
ADVISORY:  If you have not one third hour of soul time available to
you now, please put a copy of this letter aside in the following
directory structure hanging safely within your routine backup tree:
ALERT: Someday, perhaps when you least expect it, some human is going
to approach you with a question.  If anywhere in that question you
hear the phoneme-string "Peace Engine", assume that person's question
relates to this letter.
SPEAKER: Wyl Newland--a psuedonym character--Inventor
GEOTIME: Newland, Minnesota in the year twelve thousand and five years
after the previous Ice Age, the twenty fifth day of the month of
AUDIENCE: Prospective Peace Engine Game Players
INVOCATION: A silent prayer, carried upon the wings of the eagle unto
the Garden of Great Spirit, being now lovingly tended by the holy
union of God of human male and Goddess of human female.  Also a
special prayer seeking to honor Brother Jesus whose birthday is today.

PEACE ENGINE LICENSE applies four principles:
1) COPYRIGHT: pure copyleft according to Free Software Foundation
2) TRADEMARK: Peace Engine Game(tm) affirmed by Google search,
geotime(tm), Newland(tm), Peace Engine(tm), Newlism(tm), Peace Engine
*(tm), and other trademarks claimed in human-wide commerce unto free
soul discourse of truth, without guile.
3) PATENT: bifurcated: 3.1) granted royalty free embodiment within
software licensed by GNU General Public License (GPL) and 3.2) all
other patent claim rights retained by the inventor.
4) ROYALTIES: Three percent of gross income from sale of Peace Engine
embodiments of copyright and patent.  Collected by seller for
distribution among Peace Engine Beneficiaries: 4.1) local Rotary
clubs, 4.2) Free Software Foundation, and 4.3) Peace Engine certified
corporations designated according to the Peace Engine's Rules of
Operation.  Trademarks may only be applied in the manner prescribed in
the Rules.
COPYRIGHT DISTRIBUTION: In whole and in measurable part, free verbatim
copies may be distributed by any Player unto humans listed in the
Player's "Soul Buddy(tm)" list.  All humans become a Peace Engine
Player by following the Game Rules listed herein.  Humans attain other
roles based upon the weighing of their credit and discredit balance
according to Rules explained elsewhere.
COPYRIGHT DISTRIBUTION: Verbatim copies in whole and in part, flowing
according the the principles of a Free Press and the copyleft
principles of the Peace Engine License, are released from any
requirement enabling royalty flow contemplated by 4) above.


Hopefully your soul programming nuerochmistry switched your soul
on-line for at least a brief moment.  The first few times that happens
it can become a cause for panic, meaning the flood of chemicals into
the human soul docking station's PANIC circuitry, in such a situation,
pause, perform the yoga of breathe IN, we breathe OUT, we CALM our
soul and REPEAT breathing as necessary.

Calm now?  Hopefully all readers have now gently attuned themselves to
the soul communication layer of their soul docking station.

Seek now to properly internalize and digest the world's very first
"Peace Engine(tm) Soul Bubble(tm)" in one hearing.  I am aiming for a
one half hour soul bubble input interval.  This soul bubble is
prepared in honor of the greatest soul programmer ever to walk upon
earth, Brother Jesus, whose birthday is celerated one day per year by
most humans, one month by a few humans, and every second of life by
blessed few.

I shall defer the vast swaths of excruciating detail concerning the
herenow present soul bubble's mechanics. I  offer this entire bubble
as a highly ordered soul program seeking access to a soul input port
of every living human "soul docking station(tm)", connecting the body
to the soul according to the theory of "Soul Mechanics(tm)", and
connecting one human soul to another soul, in a pair-bubble and many
souls in a group-bubble, according to the theory of "Soul


So that peace may reign among the players and non-players of the Peace
Engine Game, there is an obsessive list of Rules of behaviour.  I will
excerpt the essence necessary to officially declare the Peace Engine
Game open for Round 0001 (base 24) of play.

PEACE_ENGINE_GAME ROUND_0001: Every "Soul Time(tm)" interval performed
by a Peace Engine Player must be properly recorded in a bound volume
chronicle, in the careful hand printing and drawing of the Player. 
The first page of the first volume is numbered 0001 and each
subsequent page is counted in increments of one (base 24) until page
NNNN is completed, signalling the end of that Player's chronicles. 
Pages must be dated at least once per day when patent claims are
asserted and every few days otherwise, thereby establishing a court
verifiable artifact.

For example, the opening time records should include the time invested
in the here present soul program input.  Keep track of all time
intervals for the future time of the digital scanning of artifact
pages and the tallying of credits and discredits applied to determine
each Player's share of the money flows within the Peace Engine.  I
shall soon begin authorizing a myriad of Peace Engine tasks for
Players desirous of becoming Peace Engine PHP Programmers.


Players to your chronicles.
Begin scribing at my command.
Let the Game herenow START.
Wyl Newland, Christmas 12005 AI, Newland, Minnesota, US
(c)Peace Engine License(tm)(patent_claims)

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