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Re: Linus, and whether tactfulness has any value

From: Sandman
Subject: Re: Linus, and whether tactfulness has any value
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2005 21:44:32 +0100
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In article <871383-cvb.ln1@fimbul.myth>, Jim Richardson <> 

>>>>> Beside that, many Europeans seem to practice a blunt, abrupt style
>>>>> of speech.
>>>> Very true, and on the whole it's a good thing I think.
>>> It might also party explain why there's been several thousands of
>>> years of European wars.  ;-)
>> Which is fun when it's coming from a guy whose nation is just over
>> 500 years old, and was discovered, and populated, by Europeans.
> Populated *after* said europeans wiped out some 90% of the existing
> population, who somehow, despite being here for some 30,000 years,
> hadn't "discovered" the place yet...

If you say so. They lived there though. Or are you trying to claim that 
europeans are evil to slaughter the natives, and somehow their bloods is not on 
the hands of americans of today - but rather on europeans today?

> > Heck, my home town is three times older than the entire united states.
> > The only reason one could claim there was more wars in Europe is
> > because it's been civilized, and thus has had a recorded history, for
> > such a long time, as opposed to USA. :)
> well, going from recent historical trends (the last 250-300 years) it's
> about time for another euro dustup, probably the germans invading
> someone. 

You're making as much sense as always, Jim.


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