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Re: Linus, and whether tactfulness has any value

From: Walter Mitty
Subject: Re: Linus, and whether tactfulness has any value
Date: 24 Dec 2005 15:48:45 GMT
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In an earlier post, Edwin postulated:
> Gespracht wrote:
>> >Beside that, many Europeans seem to practice a blunt, abrupt style of 
>> >speech.
>> Very true, and on the whole it's a good thing I think.
> It might also party explain why there's been several thousands of years
> of European wars.  ;-)

Err, there wasnt anyone living anywhere else with the infrastructure
and transport methods : thats why it stands out.

"Well it proves one thing Mr. Hooper. It proves that you wealthy college boys
don't have the education enough to admit when you're wrong.

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