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Re: Including GPL and LGPL'ed software in a solution

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: Including GPL and LGPL'ed software in a solution
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 18:22:48 +0100 wrote:
> Hi All,
> I know you get many questions like this, but I thought I just had to
> ask, because it is so important that I get this right. Also sorry about
> using the "bullshit bingo" term solution, but I want to be general
> here.
> I am providing a solution that populates a database and serves data
> from this database on the web.  There shall be 3 separate applications;
> A java application that collects the data and stores it in a MySQL
> database.  This uses an LGPL library.
> The MySQL database, straight out of the box.  I want to use the GPL
> version.
> A java servlet that queries the database and serves HTML pages.  I will
> write this from scratch.
> I do not believe I have a problem here with not releasing any of my
> code.  The idea of the LGPL is to allow me to use the library without
> releasing my code.  The code shall reside in different .class files.  I
> would usually distribute it as a .jar file, but if this was a problem I
> would not.
> >From the MySQL web page; "Under the Open Source License, you must
("Our software is 100% GPL (General Public License);")

> release the complete source code for the application that is built on
> MySQL."  My application uses MySQL, but I do not believe it to be a
> derivative work, as it only makes queries.  I could leave the customer
> to install their own database, but that is just not going to happen.
> Is there enough ambiguity for a complaint to be made?  That would be
> enough for me to lose my job probably.
> Thanks for any advice.

Oh dear. Don't you know that MySQL's "100% GPL" spreads through 
networks (not to mention APIs)?

"7.1. Licensing Notice

 The MySQL Protocol is proprietary.

 The MySQL Protocol is part of the MySQL Database Management System. 
 As such, it falls under the provisions of the GNU Public License 
 (GPL). A copy of the GNU Public License is available on MySQL's web 
 site, and in the product download.

 Because this is a GPL protocol, any product which uses it to connect 
 to a MySQL server, or to emulate a MySQL server, or to interpose 
 between any client and server which uses the protocol, or for any 
 similar purpose, is also bound by the GPL. Therefore if you use this 
 description to write a program, you must release your program as 
 GPL. Contact MySQL AB if you need clarification of these terms or 
 if you need to ask about alternative arrangements. "

Welcome to the GNU Republic, the MySQL District.


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