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Placing GPL licensed application's installer in a properietary applicati

From: Wahaj Khan
Subject: Placing GPL licensed application's installer in a properietary application's installer
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 14:43:56 +0500

I am slightly confused regarding how one can provide GPL based software along with properietary based software both in either a zip,rar file placed on a CD or simply placed on a CD. There are 3 ways
1) By placing the GPL software along with the properietary software side by side on a CD and on installation of the properietary application's setup, the GPL software installer is launched as well which completes the installation (no linking of any sort is performed here, only GPL application is launched using shellexecute etc. The GPL setup.exe can be seen or launched on its own).
2) By bundling the GPL software with the properietary application setup program (Bundling means actually making the setup.exe of the GPL software embedded in the properietary's application setup program. The GPL setup.exe can't be seen or launched on its own)
3) By downloading the GPL software at run time from internet and then installing it by the properietary application setup program by copying it on hard disk and then launching
By reading the FAQ provided at and by reading the question What is the difference between "mere aggregation" and "combining two modules into one program"? it seems that 1 and 3 are valid means of providing GPL software with properietary software. Am I right ?

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