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RE: FSF overly self-important?

From: José Molina
Subject: RE: FSF overly self-important?
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 16:58:03 -0500

It's very simple, and has nothing to do with arrogance. The Free Software
Foundation sponsors the BIGGEST Free Software/Open Source project: GNU.  I'm
not a GPL zealot (I do prefer BSD licenses and BSD Unix flavors), but it is
fair to acknowledge this fact.  I think RMS is many times too unpolite in
his positions, but without him, who knows what could have happened with the
movement? While big corporations try to eat us, the FSF keeps alive the
flame of freedom.

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de Goodly Chap
Enviado el: Martes, 24 de Mayo de 2005 16:30
Asunto: FSF overly self-important?

It occurs to me, there are so many open source
projects that are not dependent upon GNU code
per se (rightfully so), yet I gather there is a
certain arrogance about the FSF, usually
observed in direct interaction with them.

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