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Re: I wrote a C tutorial

From: Siward de Groot
Subject: Re: I wrote a C tutorial
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 03:27:04 +0200
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On Tuesday 03 May 2005 01:31, John Hasler wrote:
| Someone who Jonathan Bartlett failed to identify wrote:
| > Specifically: clause that says that it can be distributed under any later
| > version of a license with same name if that is published by FSF.
| >
| >From the GFDL:
|   Each version of the License is given a distinguishing version number.
|   If  the Document specifies that
|     a particular numbered version of this License "or any later version"
|     applies to it, 
|     you have the option of following the terms and conditions
|     either of that specified version or of any later version
|     that has been published (not as a draft) by the FSF.
|   If the Document does not specify a version number of this License,
|     you may choose any version ever published.
| Notice the "if"s.  If you specify a particular version number that is the
| only one that applies.  This section is not as clear as it could be, but it
| does not require that you accept future versions of the GFDL.

Yeah, it looks like it does allow that.
I read the whole licence again before posting, but overlooked it.
Thanks for pointing it out.

(I do not endorse the GFDL.)
Me neither,
  because i prefer human-readable to legalese,
  and it seems it could grant more rights than it already does,
But if the authors provide their software and docs to me for free,
  then they're entitled to do that their way, as far as i'm concerned.

have fun !

  illliterate Siward

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