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Re: you're like monkeys in a cage

From: ET
Subject: Re: you're like monkeys in a cage
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 19:35:24 +0930
User-agent: Unison/1.6.1

On 2005-05-02 22:51:35 +0930, said:

To the participants in comp.os.linux.advocacy:

I was watching a TV documentary about monkeys and
how they behave in captivity, and it occurred to me
that this newsgroup (comp.os.linux.advocacy), more than
the others that I sometimes read.......

Hmmm. Learned to operate a TV, read and even... developed powers of reasoning? Holy shit! I'm impressed enought by your CV to rule you out as a Windoze user anyway. Next you'll be learnin' to walk upright on two legs, and (hopefully) using your new-found abilities to carry you off somewhere else a long, long way from here. 'Bye!

In a banana skin: "Welcome to comp.sys.mac.advocacy. Now fuck off."

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