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Re: you're like monkeys in a cage

From: spike1
Subject: Re: you're like monkeys in a cage
Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 17:04:23 GMT
User-agent: tin/1.6.2-20030910 ("Pabbay") (UNIX) (Linux/2.6.5-7.151-smp (i686)) did eloquently scribble:
> To the participants in comp.os.linux.advocacy:
> I was watching a TV documentary about monkeys and
> how they behave in captivity, and it occurred to me
> that this newsgroup (comp.os.linux.advocacy), more than
> the others that I sometimes read, is just like a monkey cage
> populated by chimpanzees. 

Why would anyone put chimps into a monkey's cage? That's cruel and they
should be prosecuted under animal cruelty laws.

Chimps eat monkeys.

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