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Re: Bill Gates doesn't want Americans working for him

From: Liam Slider
Subject: Re: Bill Gates doesn't want Americans working for him
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 16:13:12 GMT
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On Thu, 28 Apr 2005 19:35:13 -0700, Yibbels wrote:

>> he's only doing what all the USA companies are doing
> Untrue. The rest of them aren't clamoring to make US citizens
> unemployed in the USA to the extent that Gates is.
> Gates' only rival in that is that little satanic one George W Bush.
> As for offshoring jobs, let's not forget that that is also
> happening in Europe and risks to destroy the welfare 
> states there.

Yeah Europe is a big outsourcer of jobs...thank goodness...because they
outsource a lot of jobs to the USA. The USA also outsources jobs to
Europe. Some Asian countries outsource too.... the idea
of a huge sucking of jobs to  the poorest a myth.

Plus, at least in the US, most outsourcers tend to use the money saved,
and made, from outsourcing to expand their domestic operations and end up
*hiring* more people...creating domestic jobs. 

Outsourcing *isn't* a factor in loss of jobs, at least the way it's done
in the US. And insourcing in a major *source* of jobs in many
places...especially the US...and in Europe.

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