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Re: Bill Gates doesn't want Americans working for him

From: billwg
Subject: Re: Bill Gates doesn't want Americans working for him
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 23:05:57 GMT
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John Bailo wrote:
billwg wrote:

It's the difference between development and research, John. Does that mean anything to you? Development for large projects, say Windows, is a team thing and best done, according to Bill Gates, at a common site.

So no programming on Windows should be done except in Redmond?

That is essentially Gates' position. I would think that some individual Microsoft product might be done elsewhere, but it would still all be in one location.

Yet, all the programming for Linux was done worldwide using the Internet...and it's a superior product.

Problematic at best, and it doesn't sell anywhere near as well. That may be due to a world of idiots as has been postulated by the linux faithful or to nefarious deeds by Microsoft or excellence in market management by Microsoft or any combination. Doesn't matter, of course, the only thing that matters is the score on the board and it's showing linux in last place at the moment.

Research, OTOH, is an individual sort of thing and can be done in a scattered manner wherein access to support equipment and services is the significant issue rather than team interaction.

Ok, so why did they build Microsoft Research in Redmond?

That's where Bill Gates likes to hang, of course. He's from that area and has a big house there. It's why he would like to get more H1B's into the USofA so that he could keep it all in one sock, too. But he has seen the need to create research centers in other countries as well.

Why not just distribute grants to universities 'scattered' ?

He's done quite a bit of that, too.

The whole OSS movement proves that the Internet is a superior management system over the Redmond Command & Control system.

I don't see the connection, as noted above. I think you're mostly just whistling past the graveyard, hoping that there are really no ghosts, but not so absolutely sure of your position.

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