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Re: Bill Gates doesn't want Americans working for him

From: Tatu Portin
Subject: Re: Bill Gates doesn't want Americans working for him
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 10:21:15 GMT
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John Bailo wrote:
Paul Bramscher wrote:

syndicates as well as between individuals). If one syndicate does not share their products, they will not receive resources from other syndicates, making it in their best interest to share."

Sounds like the relationship between M$ and it's OEMs.

This sounds like GPL. The whole idea, and what is constantly ignored, is that with GPL, you aren't giving your work away for free.

With LGPL, however, companies can exploit the work you have done by taking proprietary snapshot. This is comparable to doing work for free for those companies.

But, with GPL, you get the contributed source back, and you can consider it as a pay for your investment of work to that project.

I think that the sole purpose of some interests is to have free workforce for their projects, and they just "camouflage" this with "open-source" licence. Of course there is real contributors, e.g. with Linux, there is GPL'd code from companies. But not everyone is doing this.
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