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Re: People paid to create arguments

From: 7
Subject: Re: People paid to create arguments
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 15:56:57 GMT
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Yibbels wrote:

> Hi all,

> Whereas the term FUD (fear uncertainty doubt) describes a novel
> but non-attacking marketing technique, what I am describing is
> something
> which is novel for a different reason: it is the marshalling of
> cheap foreign labor in the pursuit of not so much marketing, by

You have got to be kidding!
Only in amerikkkaaa is astroturfing is so bad.
The likes of edelman and dci working for microshaft
are all headquarted over there. The industry must
generate some 100 million letters, is at least 1bn
dollars in size at last estimate,
and must employ at least 100,000 staff.
In amerikkkaaa its meaningless to discuss a blog
with discussing astroturds.
Some of the letters cost $500 per letter.
It is big business!

Most other countries have political machinery
for politicking, but not the new wave of internet led 
sophisticated astroturfing seen in amerikkkaaa.
No fool would pay $500 per letter pretending
its from a general member of public. 

In any case, this kind of work isn't offshored.
There needs to be close communication between astroturds
and the companies that hire them. Give it to foreigners,
and it all falls apart, because of language barriers and also
no one likes amerikkkaaans any way, so they are just
gonna snitch on them some time or the other.

I say, we must legalize astroturfing.
Its undermining democracy when you have 10,000
letters in front of you, and you can't decide
in good faith if all of it was written by
one person, or 10, or 20, or 10,000.
Politicians in amerikkkaaa are too dumb to check.
So we must legalize astroturfing.

Here is my campaign manifesto...

Legalise astroturfing now!

The rights of astro turfers are in danger because
they are continually bashed for fun.
This is not fair on the bashees and the bashers
because of nym shifting and other issues that are
making life difficult for point scoring to stick.
Astro turfing now is a big industry and part of
the landscape of the services industry with giants
like dci, bivings, atl, cagw, adti, edelman,
csws, olc, akaw, arcfcp, acsh, cse, nesarc,
bonner, burson, act, nsa, idc, giga, meta, apco,
hillard, ketchum, ogc, etc
employing hundreds of thousands of people.
Obviously employees must now be given extra rights
as authors of 100 million+ letters annually, with each
letter costing $500 or more per letter. The employees
see very little of that money, losing 98% of the income to
the proprietors for the unregulated businesses
they operate. Being part a legalized astro turfing
organisation can bring job security and improve
income which is the aim of this legislation quest.

The Engines of Democracy Astro Turfing Rights Bill
1. All astro turfers must register for employment and obtain employee ID.

2. Clients are nice people too, and deserve every contract to be
   to be displayed openly with a contract ID so that everyone may know
   astroturfing company / client relationship and how much money
   has parted hands. Particularly important for politicos who
   are worried of excessive spending by the other side.

3. All astro turfers must show their employer registration ID, and client
   contract ID with any works of art and fiction they produce.
   In return legal immunity is provided to the astro turfer,
   the client and astroturfing from any prosecution for opionins
   expressed, except for anything that falls under existing libel laws.

4. Failure to do so can net unlimited liability for its employers
   and the clients who use the services.

5. This allows all astro turfed hooting tooting votes and opinions
   to be counted as just one vote and make democracy work fairly.

6. Bring astro turfing in line with current advertising rules
   i.e. a. they must be factual
        b. they have been refereed
        c. they have paid tax

7. Any mis information reported by astro turfers is subject
   to laws of libel, and through use of employee ID, can
   render the employee, the employer and the client liable.

8. All astro turfers have the right to snitch on their employers
   and clients with legal protection from the law if they
   choose to do so. That is employers and clients must not compel
   employees into signing any agreements that prohibit their
   god given rights of freedom of speech.

9. Public companies must register transactions with astro turfing
   companies and make available to investors and the SEC the full
   nature of the contract between them and their astro turfing
   companies so that investors can be confident of the investments
   they are making, and that it is not based on faked misinformation
   inadvertently supplied by astro turfers.

Client and Employer Misconduct

10. Should the employer or the Client is found to be in misconduct
   when hiring astro turfers to put out incorrect information,
   the client and the employer gurantees to indemnify the employee
   from any cost arising out of litigation.

Disabilities allowance

11. Its widely accepted that disabled people and housewives
   are used for astro turfing as they are likely to sit
   in front of a computer and type out nonsense all day.
   For those disabled people that are housewives or that have to
   operate a computer without an arm, or a leg, or a brain,
   we demand that pay is equal to that of fit and lifeless

Career progression

12. No astro turd likes being called an idiot. Its un-winnable to argue
   a point when you are an astro turd and have no qualifications.
   So we need an astro turfing institute where we can hoof and poof
   and gain merits for our nefarious activities.
   All qualifications shall be cited with employee ID and client
   contract ID as part of the legal requirement to become
   a qualified astro turfer.

Puppet Master Authentication

13. Astro turfers have the right to know who they are ultimately working
   for. Thus we propose all contracts be signed by the actual
   puppet master(s) names that has instigated the action as opposed
   to their paid minions or suckered bum boys. There can be no
   transferrance of this responsibility. I.e. as a puppet master, you
   cannot legally claim you were acting under orders.
   Each named person must take full personal responsibility
   or none at all and be prosecuted for fraud.

1 April is Anuual Holiday

14. Most professions need a holiday like banks have
   bank holiday. It is proposed 1 April, or April fool's day
   is a national astro turfing holiday.
   This is a matter of deep seated tradition.
   Why is that?
   Because though we are fools, we don't suffer other fools.

Certified Accounts

15. When your astro turfing company wins something by
   faking 10,000+ people, and no one knows if the
   actual figure is 10 people, 15 people or 150 people
   that manufactured all the astroturfing letters, there is
   a need for actual figures to be available when
   astroturfing takes down somebody or something or the company
   completes its contract so that those who lost know how so few
   astroturds had defeated so many with astroturfing methodologies.
   Scores do need to be settled later.
   Thus, companies must keep certified accounts of
   each contract, i.e. how many people they used
   and how many fake letters and identities they used to send it
   all out, and in particular, how many votes they manufactured
   through company activities.

Pay Rise

16. Pay rise is a sentitive topic. All astrotufers and their
   companies are entitled to pay rises, but employer and/or
   the client may refuse. Well if clients did any business in the
   past through you, then you must use those records and offer to
   repost them with summaries to clarify the situation.
   In this way, employers and employees can benefit from pay rises
   by invoicing the client spuriously on a whim.
   We demand that this practice is legalized along
   with legalizing astroturfing.

Psycho Councilling

17. Astro turfing can force you to hide your identities
   and create new identities to decieve your friends in newsgroups
   and social groups your asked to join and destroy.
   Normal humans can't live with the constant lies, deceit, nym shifting
   and ass covering tactics of a habbitual astro turfer.
   Astroturfers can become internet psycho with so many
   personalities that its impossible to tell one personality from
   another, and it is known for astroturds to quarrel with other
   posters despite them other posters being themselves
   and their own sock puppets!
   Astro turfers need constant psycho councilling and it is not
   to be deducted from wages these costs.

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