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Newland: I second Torvalds Motion, It's Time to Dump the Penguin

From: Wyl Newland
Subject: Newland: I second Torvalds Motion, It's Time to Dump the Penguin
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 11:51:08 -0600

20050401 "Newland: I second Torvalds Motion, It's Time to Dump the Penguin"

Let us, on this most sacred day only, become a world of fools.  Let us
imagine the unimaginable.

Upon reading "Torvalds: It's Time to Dump the Penguin" I replied:

I propose we adopt the image of one of several Linus characters:

1) Linus of Peanuts fame, assuming the owner would grant a no-fee license
to the free software community, for GPL'd software only

2) Linus Pauling, perhaps the world's greatest chemist of all time

3) Linus of Linux fame, a geek of our own, to trump the be-spectacled image of
the Monopolist Corporation geek 

With all due respect to 3), I prefer option 1) so let me elaborate:

Please see:

Perhaps there is no bigger fool than I.  However, launching a
partnership that, in turn, launches the free software community's
write-once, run-anywhere operating system, media kit, etc., under the
visage of world loved cartoon characters would, as Emril would say,
let's "kick it up a notch", on the world stage of human comedy.

Linux, if course, gets Linus.  I dibs the free software product under
the flying doghouse image.  What do we do with the other characters:
Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Lucy, Sally, Schroeder, Peppermint
Patty, Marcie, Pigpen, Franklin, and Rerun?

Who's Rerun, well, "Rerun Van Pelt is often mistaken for Linus even
though he's his little brother."

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