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Design vs. Implementation

From: Don Parris
Subject: Design vs. Implementation
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 00:46:40 -0500

I just want to clarify my understanding here.  If this bit confuses you,
please be patient with me - I might be the one confused. ;)

I have a database design - no code yet.  I need to determine whether the GPL
will be appropriate or not for this situation.  The GPL is my preferred
license, but it may not be appropriate in this case.  I assume that the GPL
would only apply to the actual code, and not to the design of the database
itself.  If this is true, then it might be possible to offer a GPL'ed
implementation and another implementation under a different license.

I designed the database at home, but want to have the opportunity to
implement it at my job, which will require the use of MS Access.  If I could
offer the back-end using PostgreSQL or MySQL (or something similar), and
then let them build a front-end using Access, that would be different.  I do
not foresee that happening any time soon.

I will have to create the complete database using MS Access for the job. 
The home-based version would use one of the free/open source databases.  Any
input is welcome.

evangelinux    GNU Evangelist         
"Free software is like God's love - you can share it with anyone anytime

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