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Re: unable to set terminal x11 in gnuplot!!

From: Markku Ojala
Subject: Re: unable to set terminal x11 in gnuplot!!
Date: 02 Mar 2005 13:25:19 GMT

In article <>,
sunder <> wrote:
> I loaded gnuplot 4.0 on my SuSE 9.1 Linux!! But I'm not able to set the
> x11 terminal [...] "set term" [...] in gnuplot [...] is not showing x11
> device

I know you'll hate to hear this, but gnuplot has it's own group,  This g.m.d group is for more generic GNU
discussion, and spam of course.  However, i don't mean to put you off,
so i'll write a little here too.  Gnuplot isn't even copylefted, BTW.
I don't know how they got the "gnu" in the name.  Oh well, there are
gnus in Africa that are not copylefted either.  Also GNU="GNU Is not
Unix", even if GNU isn't an Unix.

The mind is puzzled.

Maybe that particular compile of gnuplot wasn't configured with X11
support.  Run "show version long" from within gnuplot, it will list
"X11" as a compile time option if it has it.  If you got it from some
distribution-specific install package, say an RPM, i'm surprised since
such packages usually do have X11 support available.

This sure comes late, perhaps you've got it sorted by now.


> Sunder

.mace --- +2 +c

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