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Vita Nuova Liberal Source License falsely claims Free Software compatibi

From: Adam
Subject: Vita Nuova Liberal Source License falsely claims Free Software compatibility
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 00:44:24 +0000 (UTC)
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Recently I was looking at Inferno, a distributed OS similar to Plan 9.  The code
is covered under the "Vita Nuova Liberal Source"
( at Vita Nuova claims the following:

   "associated software (eg, Inferno) available as `Free Software' (in the sense
   of the Free Software Foundation) if the use you make of it will also be made
   available on the same terms, as Free Software"

The problem is that section 8.4 of the license seems to contradict the FSF's
definition if Free Software.

   8.4.  VITA NUOVA may from time to time and at its sole  dis-
         cretion  publish  a revised and/or new version of this
         LICENCE which shall then govern the licensing  of  all
         copies  of  LICENSED  SOFTWARE  supplied by VITA NUOVA
         after the posting of  such  revised  or  new  licence.
         Should  YOU  have any questions regarding this LICENCE
         or wish to contact VITA NUOVA for any reason visit our
         web site at for contact details.

Any thoughts?


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