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GPL "grey area"

From: spiro is
Subject: GPL "grey area"
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 20:58:14 +1000

I wish to have what has been explained to me as a "GPL Grey Area" in recent 
days cleared up:

I have a pretty simple information system which has been created by my company 
(we don't want it released because it contains information which would help our 

We intend to add an open-sourced content management system which is released 
under the GPL licence.

Would my company be forced to release our current system under the GPL if we 
provided a way for users who are already logged into our system to 
"auotmatically login" to the open source content management system?

An example image of this functionality is attached.

In other words, the user would only have to login to one system, instead of 
facing two login interfaces.

Keep in mind that the content managment system has not been changed and that 
all due credit is given to the creators of the product (even the button says 
"Start XXX Content System")

Are there any other instances you can think of which are similar to this 
situation? What methods were used to overcome these issues?

Surely the GPL was never meant to remove the ease-of-use and convenience of the 
internet, which this functionality provides.

- Steve 
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