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"Linux, GNU, and freedom" and Joe Barr

From: Antonios Christofides
Subject: "Linux, GNU, and freedom" and Joe Barr
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 22:54:02 +0300
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In his article "Linux, GNU, and freedom"
(, R. Stallman

  There are people like Barr, that want their software ``free from
  ideology'' and criticize anyone that says freedom matters.


  Joe Barr says, ``Choose between non-free and free programs on
  technical grounds alone!''.

I read Joe Barr's article, "The Stallman factor", to which Stallman
seems to be referring, and I don't see Barr say, want, or criticize
what is claimed he says, wants, and criticizes. "The Stallman factor"
says Torvalds has done these things, and I don't see any hint that the
author agrees with Torvalds. Without expressing any disagreement about
Stallman's aims, the author criticizes some of his (and the FSF's)
tactics. (And having read Barr's article on comparison of Free
Software to Open Source, I'd bet he agrees with Stallman's aims).

Have I understood something wrong?

(And is this the right place to ask about such matters?)

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