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***** 2002 WSEAS Int.Conf. on COMPUTER NETWORKS (ICCON'02) ***** 2002 WS

From: WSEAS Conferences in BRAZIL
Subject: ***** 2002 WSEAS Int.Conf. on COMPUTER NETWORKS (ICCON'02) ***** 2002 WSEAS Int.Conf. on INFORMATION SECURITY (ICIS'02) ***** 2002 WSEAS Int.Conf. on HARDWARE/SOFTWARE CODESIGN ***** 2002 WSEAS Int.Conf. on E-COMMERCE (E-COMMERCE'02) *****
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 14:26:36 +0300


WSEAS Conferences in Brazil, October 2002 




2002 WSEAS Int.Conf. on E-COMMERCE (E-COMMERCE'02)

October 14-17, 2002, Sheraton Hotel
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Wonderful City, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  

Program Chair:
Luiza de M. Mourelle, Brazil

Program Co-Chair:
Nadia Nedjah, Brazil

Program Committee:
J.A. Antonacopoulos,  UK
S. Assar, France
M. L. Anido, Brazil
L. Badri, Canada
M. Badri, Canada
N. Bardis,  Greece
E. Bardis,  Greece
E. N. Barros, Brazil
M. D. Edwards, UK
F. M. Galvγo, Brazil
D. Kalles, Greece
M. E. Lima, Brazil
L..M. Mourelle, Brazil
Z. Mammeri, France
N. Mastorakis,  Greece
N. Nedjah, Brazil
M.M. Vellasco, Brazil
A. Oliveira, Brazil
K. Papanikolaou, Greece
B. Prasad, USA
C. D. Walter, UK

Workshops, Sessions and Tutorials:

Workshop, session and tutorial proposals are invited. For further details, consult the program chair or see the conferences web sites on:




Sponsored by:
World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society - WSEAS
Original papers are solicited for submission to the WSEAS International Conferences:

  • 2002 WSEAS Int.Conf. on Information Security (ICIS'02)
  • 2002 WSEAS Int.Conf. on Hardware/Software Codesign (ICCD'02)
  • 2002 WSEAS Int.Conf. on E-Commerce (E-COMMERCE'02)
  • 2002 WSEAS Int.Conf. on Computer Networks (ICCON'02)
This multiconference aims to bring together individuals involved in multiple disciplines related to computer networks, security, hardware/software codesign and e-commerce to foster exchange of ideas.
Topics of interest can be found at:

Authors are invited to electronically submit their paper, written in English, of up to 6 single spaced two-columns pages (Authors kit available in the conference web page), presenting the results of original research or innovative practical applications relevant to the conference. Practical experiences with state-of-the-art computer network methodologies are also acceptable when they reflect lessons of unique value to the conference attendees.  Paper submission will be done electronically, via the conference web site . Intending authors should go to this site and follow the prompts to see how to submit their paper. In case of difficulty please contact the Program Chair, Dr. Luiza de Macedo Mourelle ( Paper submission is required by June 30, 2002. ALL papers will be formally peer reviewed. Notification of the results of the review process will be made by  July 30, 2002, and final copies of papers for inclusion in the conference proceedings will be due by August 15, 2002. The conference proceedings, published in a bound volume of Reference Books and Textbooks Series by WSEAS Press, will be available at the conference as well in a CD-ROM volume. Referees will be asked to nominate the best papers that will be automatically considered for publication in the International WSEAS Transactions on Systems and the International WSEAS Transactions on Communications.

Dr. Luiza de Macedo Mourelle, Chair of ICCON-2002,
Dr. Nadia Nedjah, Co-Chair of ICCON-2002,

Department of System Engineering & Computation, Faculty of Engineering,
State University of Rio de Janeiro - UERJ
Rua Sγo Francisco Xavier, 524, 5o. andar, Bloco D, Sala 502
2, Maracanγ, CEP 20559-900, 
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

(+55) 21 2587 7442       Fax: (+55) 21 2587 7374

Only in WSEAS Conferences:

All the accepted papers are simultaneously published in two different international fora : 
Proceedings + International Books
Proceedings + WSEAS Transactions (Journals)

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