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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] ungoogled chromium reported in Guix and unremoved

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] ungoogled chromium reported in Guix and unremoved after 8 months
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 08:56:05 +0200
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The issue can be in background of understanding and pushing the free
software philosophy.

Various GNU software and free system distributions have different
maintainers and leaders.

Thus there are people who are only programmers, then people who are
only free software activists and supporters, and those who are both
programmers and activists.

After review of websites of Ludovic Courtès and having seen many of
his speeches, I have not yes encountered that he spoke of free
software and free software freedoms. Please show me one of his
speeches where he promotes free software freedom or free software
philosophy? I wish to find it. Find any website of him that promotes
it, that I can see. I have tried and have not find one. There is only
technical stuff.

I am not saying he is bad person, he is great and good person, nobody
is perfect. Ludovic is programmer with good intentions, but his
intentions are not pushing free software philosophy forward, he is
pushing software, and his good image and enjoys GNU image, but not
pushing free software philosophy forward.

Hyperbola have different people in their rows. That is why they are
publishing profound analysis of problems with Chromium.


* Dmitry Alexandrov <address@hidden> [2019-10-13 00:43]:
> >> The other link (the only one) is [0].  It was never mentioned in the 
> >> bugreport, as far as I see.  And I do not understand why it should be — 
> >> the relevant part of page it leads adds nothing to the issue.
> >>
> >> [0]
> >
> > It is a better summary.
> Let’s see.
> | * Queries to Google
> |
> | By default, Chromium source code still has many lines of code that makes 
> direct internet connections to Google.
> Is not this why the Chromium flavour Guix uses was dubbed ‘ungoogled’?
> Anyway, this is not a freedom issue.  Next.
> | * Pre-built Binaries
> |
> | By default, Chromium still includes some pre-built binaries to aid in 
> faster compiling.
> Where?  I do not see any.  Next.
> | * DRM and Proprietary Codecs
> |
> | Chromium supports the use of Widevine DRM
> Nope, cf. bug #34565.
> | Adobe Pepper Flash, and third-party codecs which are nonfree.
> This is not an issue.
> | * Privacy problems
> |
> | While not specific to free software...
> Yes, indeed: it is not about being free software.  Nex...  Ah, there is no 
> next.
> > None of those issues have been solved
> So, in summary: there was one issue, and it had been solved.

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