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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] [PATCH] gnu: Add ungoogled-chromium.

From: Julie Marchant
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] [PATCH] gnu: Add ungoogled-chromium.
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:06:20 -0500

On 02/17/2019 02:43 AM, bill-auger wrote:
> the difference there is that chromium is not one piece of software
> written by one person or even one modestly sized team - it is a
> conglomeration of perhaps 100s of different projects written by perhaps
> 1000s of authors - for some files, it may not actually be known who the
> author is, never mind which license they chose, or when - the word
> "trust" comes into play there, because it is not clear that any one
> single person on the chromium team can honestly account for everything
> in the code-base, much less to authoritatively vouch for all of the
> authors and various licensing

So... the same thing as Linux. And many stores, for that matter. On that

> per your analogy, this is more like the owners of one building giving
> you permission to go anywhere in the city, because they believe that
> every other building in the city shares their trespassing policy -
> though, they can not themselves, demonstrate that they have precise
> knowledge of the exact number of buildings in the city, nor who their
> owners are, nor their owners' trespassing policies

You do know many stores don't own everything in the building, right?
Lots of machinery is owned by third parties such as vendors; coolers
holding drinks, for example, are typically owned and stocked by vendors
such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. In the Walmart I work at, there's even a
separate business in the exact same building whose area is either owned
or leased by them (I don't know which). Plus, all stores have sections
where customers are not allowed to go (indicated by signs). So no, the
analogy is exactly the same. You see that a door says "Employees Only"
and don't enter; you don't go asking for proof that you can walk
throughout every inch of the store that you seem to have implicit
permission to walk through.

> o/c someone could probably raise exactly the same doubts about mozilla -
> luckily for us though, we are not aware of any, and so are not yet so
> uncomfortably compelled to address them

Are you saying, then, that we are specifically aware of proprietary
software in ungoogled-chromium? Have stated what that proprietary
software is?

After all, if you aren't aware of proprietary software in
ungoogled-chromium, this would seem to be special pleading. Am I wrong?

> most importantly, i personally dont care to argue for nor against
> chromium - i just want all FSDG distros to agree on how it should be
> treated, regardless of what that entails

Why? Are you opposed to individual distros making their own individual

Julie Marchant

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