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[GNU-linux-libre] FreeSlack -> Freenix transition is done, awaiting revi

From: Ivan Zaigralin
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] FreeSlack -> Freenix transition is done, awaiting review
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 10:52:18 -0700
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Hi everyone!


We publicized the distribution/project name change from FreeSlack to Freenix, and our websites are all  Freenixy now. Some notes to reviewers:


Things like names of files are left alone for the current stable (14.2) but will be thoroughly rebranded wherever appropriate in the next stable release.


A lilo screen with branding supplied via Wiki is still old style, but it is not supplied during the installation anyway, requiring 100% manual install, and will be updated for the next release as well.


There are a couple of links from our wiki to Slackware documentation, like this place for example:


It makes zero sense to duplicate the documentation, since our project is dead set on keeping the technical details identical to Slackware as much as possible, allowing us not to fork support. We don't see a problem with this,

but if the consensus is that it may be confusing, we can publish a disclaimer about no affiliation, and how users should be wary of the possibility that non-free software is mentioned there (we are not aware of such an instance, but we have no control over that wiki).


Our wiki, which is the main source of documentation:


And our forum:


Please let us know if you see anything else that requires our attention.

On Friday, March 23, 2018 15:29:11 you wrote:

> On Thu Mar 22 14:47:00 2018, address@hidden wrote:

> > Sounds fantastic. Freenix is our first choice. To sweeten the deal, we

> > are

> > fully prepared to move the distro front to, already nabbed

> > by

> > Matt. This might potentially take a long time, but is definitely

> > something we

> > would like to do.

> Excellent, I got the all clear from RMS for the name Freenix along with the

> moving to While you make the switch, I'll take one last pass

> just to make sure there are no other issues, which I don't expect to find,

> and then we can talk about coordinating the announcement. Thanks again for

> being understanding; I'm trying to make this process better and you working

> together with me on it is very helpful.

> --

> Sincerely,

> Donald R. Robertson, III, J.D.

> Licensing & Compliance Manager

> Free Software Foundation

> 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor

> Boston, MA 02110, USA

> Phone +1-617-542-5942

> Fax +1-617-542-2652 ex. 56


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