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[GNU-linux-libre] [ #1262331] (inactive Linux distributions)

From: Therese Godefroy via RT
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] [ #1262331] (inactive Linux distributions)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2018 08:46:42 -0500

Le Ven 19 Jan 2018 04:25:56, address@hidden a écrit :
> > For some examples my understanding is that people are working on BLAG, 
> > and Dragora has published a new beta version for 3.0. It seems better to 
> > try to support such efforts instead of dropping them. We need more people 
> > working on 100% free distros, not less. :)
> It is true that we need to encourage people to keep working on free
> systems, but wouldn't dropping them from the list act as a wake-up call
> to hurry up?  "Uh-oh, they took us off the list.  We need to release
> something fast to get back on the list!"


This sounds like a good idea for The Great and Wise ol' Gnu (TM) to chew on.

Besides, it's very easy to do: when a distro becomes "dangerously" unmaintained 
(meaning no security updates, unless it is never used on the net), just comment 
out the corresponding entry in /distros/free-distros.html and 
/help/gnu-bucks.html (+ whatever page I don't know about). When the distro is 
active again, restore the entry.

This is how the mirror list is maintained, by the way, although for mirrors the 
procedure is more complicated.

Also, I think the short descriptions in /distros/free-distros.html should say 
something about the type of maintenance. When a distro is "static" and 
shouldn't be used on the net, it should say so.


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