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[GNU-linux-libre] [Freedom issue, originally posted on Parabola bug trac

From: 8jqvs6+844uxnsb5wxhc
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] [Freedom issue, originally posted on Parabola bug tracker] Blender, SuperTuxKart and The Battle for Wesnoth.
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2017 16:07:54 +0000

It looks like there are some freedom issues with Blender (logo), SuperTuxKart 
(mascots) and The Battle for Wesnoth (add-ons).

First issue is Blender logo in blender package.
The logo is non-free:
They don't want this logo to be removed:

Second issue is SuperTuxKart.
Beastie and Suzanne mascots cannot be free because Beastie is non-free 
( and Blender logo (included 
with kart "Suzanne") is non-free.
GitHub issue is here:
Also, they want to include Steam support which will destroy the freedom.
They're rejected to cancel this project:

Third issue is The Battle for Wesnoth.
They're changed licensing for addons, allowing any CC license:
Add-ons can be downloaded using a downloader inside game. I think, there are 
two ways to download add-on. First is using add-on downloader and second is 
trying to join a game room (online play) with add-on.
They're rejected to remove the downloader:

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