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[GNU-linux-libre] palemoon browser

From: ng0
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] palemoon browser
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2017 19:11:27 +0000


has someone looked into Pale Moon browser before?
I have a first functional package definition for Guix,
but it has obvious issues with trademarks or at least their distribution 
The website is behind Cloudflare, so I have to link to an archived page instead:
These are their redistribution guidelines:

We have the option to build from source, so we could skip
the binary distribution part and their really unfortunate

However this
seems to indicate that it would be just fine with official branding disabled.

But mostly I'm interested in the thought experiment of what
could be altered to make it compatible to the GNU FSDG at runtime.
The most obvious part is: their default homepage of the web browser
includes cookies and links to various SaaS such as Faceboogle
(they are using the service "").

They exclude Google from the default search engines and default to

You can't use the mozilla addon store with it unless you point it to
it directly (not via browser internals), but they link to it in the
"about:addons" page as a choice between "Pale Moon Addons Site" and
"Mozilla Addons Site". Both open as websites, not in-browser mode.
Mozilla could be patched away.

Somewhere I had more information but it wasn't organized on paper
or in a git and got lost.

Codecs could be another problem as far as I can guess.

Anything I've missed?
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