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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Reviewing ConnochaetOS

From: Henry Jensen
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Reviewing ConnochaetOS
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2017 22:30:21 +0200

Am Sun, 06 Aug 2017 09:37:16 -0700 (PDT)
schrieb "Jason Self" <address@hidden>:

> Henry Jensen <address@hidden> wrote ..
> > The link to the freeslack project shouldn't be a problem, since
> > the page at links
> > to the very same project.  
> There is no reference to FreeSlack on that page, only Slackware.

That is not correct. The link "unofficial list" (last sentence) leads
straight to the site of the freeslack project. If you follow this link
you will undoubtedly learn about freeslack. 

So, if one seeks out a fully free Slackware based distro, reads the
section about Slackware at and follows the link
"unofficial list" one would presumably assume that freeslack is, if not
officially endorsed, at least recognized as fully free distro by the

> In comparison, the text I'm referring to is an out-and-out referral to
> go *use* it if someone wants a 64-bit version: "If you are looking for
> a libre Slackware x86_64 variant you are welcome to use the x86_64
> slack-n-free repo and have a look at the FreeSlack project."

So is the link I am referring to at the site at 

> > I have a diferent view. The statement from the FSF at [1] can be
> > interpreted in the way, that the de-blobbed Debian Linux kernel is
> > regarded as entirely free software.  
> That deblobbed kernel is indeed free software; this discussion is
> solely about the "inducement" part.
> > Our installer doesn't do such things.  
> I'm not discussing the installer.

But the the section "Debian GNU/Linux" do discusses the installer.
Occurrences of file names in logs aren't mentioned as problematic. 

> If memory serves this matter has
> also come up with RMS before too, and he's on board with the name
> scrubbing. All other endorsed distros use Linux-libre. Why should
> ConnochaetOS receive a special exemption?

Because the usage of Linux-Libre is not mentioned as a requirement in
the FSDG. It wouldn't be an exemption. The section "Debian GNU/Linux"
mentions 3 problems with Debian: 

- repository of nonfree software and contrib software
- installer in some cases recommends nonfree firmware files 
- Debian's wiki includes pages about installing nonfree firmware.

So, if Debian would fix this issues, drop the repos in question and
remove recommendation of nonfree firmware files in the installer and in
the wiki - wouldn't that make Debian recommendable by the FSF? 

> - The installer advertises itself as "ConnochaetOS Linux"
> Based on the entry for "Linux system" in the link to Words To Avoid in
> the "Please Avoid Repeating Propaganda and Confusion" part of the GNU
> FSDG this should be changed to GNU/Linux or the Linux reference
> eliminated.
> - Some of the documentation contains no copyright or licensing
> information. An example:
> but this also applies to the speak install and speakup docs files.
> According to the FSDG, "all the documentation in a free system
> distribution must be released under an appropriate free license." It's
> possible that this is already supposed to be free, but just not
> stated.
> The Slackware Howto is also talking of "Slackware Linux" and "the
> Linux operating system", which continues the notion of the "Linux
> system" mentioned earlier. Further, I'm not sure that sending people
> to the Slackware website for further information is the best approach
> that an FSF-endorsed distro should take (The Slackware documentation
> wiki has a lot of information...)
> These may be fixable, depending on the license and if modifications
> are allowed.

Occurences of bad wordings can be fixed, right.  Thanks for pointing
out documents with problematic wordings, I deleted them now.

> I've also not been able to locate the source code for the kernel.
> doesn't have
> it even though other directories in the parent appear to have source
> code.

This was an error by me, I did not update the symlink to the source,
which is located at This is
fixed now.



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