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[GNU-linux-libre] Request for Endorsement for ConnochaetOS

From: Henry Jensen
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] Request for Endorsement for ConnochaetOS
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 13:41:27 +0200

ConnochaetOS is a fully free/libre GNU/Linux operating system for the
desktop with old computers in mind, but with modern software.
ConnochaetOS contains only free software, according to the GNU
Guidelines for Free System Distributions.

We have been added to the "incoming distros" list at in
October 2010, see 

We recently released our first stable version 0.9.0 and we believe that
ConnochaetOS is ready to be evaluated for being endorsed by the Free
Software Foundation.

The web site is at

Binary packages are available at 

Source code packages along with the PKGBUILDs are available at 

Bugs, including freedom issues, can be reported at or by using
the contact form at

The central tool to communicate is our public forum at

We also have a group at which can be used to contact us, see

We have a clear policy to only include free software. Our "Purposes and
aims" can be read at Packages
which have freedom issues according to the Guidelines for Free System
Distributions and the list at will be modified,
replaced or removed.

The server ConnochaetOS is hosted on is independent from company
interests and funded by ourselves. Commercial advertisements that have
been displayed on the web site before have been removed. We rely only on
donations now.

Since our initial announcement one years has passed, but our community
has a history of already 9 years, coming originally from a GNU/Linux
distribution for old computers which didn't follow the FSDG on purpose
back then (OTOH, the FSDG and Linux-Libre didn't exist back in 2002). 

We believe that our goal to provide an free desktop operating system
for old and low-spec computers is unique in the world of free operating
systems which follow the Guidelines for Free System Distributions, and
is wanted by many users. One Indication that support this statement is,
that our beta versions and release candidates have been downloaded 30
to 50 times per day. Since our stable release two days ago, the
ConnochaetOS Installation ISO image have been downloaded over 2,000
times. So we think ConnochaetOS should be added to the list of Free
GNU/Linux distributions.

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