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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] extensions

From: Rubén Rodríguez
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] extensions
Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 19:58:43 +0200

> There's just one file that would need to be patched, and that file and
> the change that needs to be made are in the instructions on the wiki
> for using the list.

I took a look to it a couple of weeks ago, and discovered that
the Ubuntu version doesn't point to extensions.OOo, but to
site. Their server automatically redirects the requests to the OOo site.

As the go-oo project goals involve making OOo better, faster and freer,
maybe the FSF could convince them to do a little trick, like
redirecting the users to the new FSF page, or -to be less intrusive- to
the current one inside a frame showing a warning and a link to FSF's.
Many other first line distros use go-oo's version, so this change would
be shown to all of them without patching OOo.

By the way, I think the free extensions list is a good idea, but
linking back to makes it pointless. Maybe
there is a way to use links to the actual file in its latest version,
as you can do with Firefox extensions -something that should also be
checked for IceCat-:

If there isn't such a way with ooo extensions, a cgi wrapper shouldn't
be hard to write.

Also, a go-oo folk told me -in a very vague way that needs a deeper
look- that even the go-oo version isn't fully free, just "freer".
It seems to include at least a binary only library -which they told me
is free, but they are lazy to cross compile-, several language tools
-hypenation filters and such- with bogus licenses and some other minor
things. I'm sorry about the lack of better info, this needs research.

Santiago Rodriguez -who found the bdb mersene file under the Artistic
license by analyzing the Trisquel 3.5 source DVD with fossology- also
found two pieces in OOO under the same license: ooo-build/
src/ OOo_3.1.1rc2_20090820_src_extensions.tar.bz2.dfsg/ OOO310_m19/
tomcat/ download/ jakarta-tomcat-5.0.30-src.tar.gz/
jakarta-tomcat-5.0.30-src/ jakarta-tomcat-connectors/ scandoc/

The source can be found here:

openoffice.org_3.1.1.orig.tar.gz/ ooo-build/ src/ 
  OOo_3.1.1rc2_20090820_src_core.tar.bz2.dfsg/ OOO310_m19/ boost/
download/ boost-1.30.2.tar.gz/ boost-1.30.2/ libs/ graph/ LICENSE

Although the license for the Boost libraries seems to be different for
current versions: (fossology
confirms the new license to be that one for all files).

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