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[GNU-linux-libre] Packages under the artistic license

From: Rubén Rodríguez Pérez
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] Packages under the artistic license
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 15:28:15 +0100

After some research, I've found a set of programs and perl modules
released under the original Artistic License alone, a license that as
you know is listed as non-free by the FSF:

One important package I've found is libxml-twig-perl, as it is required
by several GNOME packages. The latest version of the package (3.32-3
and up) is licensed "under the same terms as Perl itself", that is,
under both the Artistic License and the GPL version 1 or later.

I recommend an free distro to upgrade the package as needed.

The (probably incomplete) list of programs licensed under the original
Artistic License alone is:

aee and ee: ncurses text editors
aft: "free form" document preparation system
angband-doc: Documentation for the roguelike game Angband
bioperl: Perl tools for computational molecular biology
chromium: fast paced, arcade-style, scrolling space shooter
coldsync: A tool for syncing PalmOS PDAs with Unix workstations
cracklib2: PAM plugin
cron: includes a script called crontab2english, under the Artistic L. 
durep: create disk usage reports
gbase: small numeric base converter
htp: An HTML pre-processor
icmpinfo: Interpret ICMP messages
iog: Network I/O byte grapher
lphdisk: prepares hibernation partition for Phoenix NoteBIOS
mancala: Implementation of the simple board game called Mancala
matwrap: wrapper generator for matrix languages
mp32ogg: Converts MP3 file to Ogg Vorbis
mummer: Efficient sequence alignment of full genomes
nbibtex: Powerful, flexible replacement for bibtex
njplot: A tree drawing program
pgadmin3: graphical administration tool for PostgreSQL
pgagent: job scheduler for PostgreSQL
pmtools: Perl module tools
poppass-cgi: a CGI script to interact with a poppassd server
postmark: File system benchmark from NetApp
pv: Shell pipeline element to meter data passing through
qstat: Command-line tool for querying quake (and other) servers
rman: Converts man pages into other formats 
rmagic: Report Magic for Analog
snake4: Snake game
tidy-proxy: A small http proxy which tidies html
tkman: A graphical, hypertext manual page and Texinfo browser
ttf-alee: Hangul truetype fonts
ttf-f500: Wipeout 3 Font
vcheck: Utility to check and download the most recent program version
wmgtemp: Temperature sensor dockapp for Window Maker
wwwstat: httpd logfile analysis package
xtv: View the screen of a remote X11 display

I've also identified the following perl modules (listed by the Debian
package names):

libapache-gallery-perl libauthen-radius-perl libbit-vector-minimal-perl
libcarp-datum-perl libcarp-datum-perl libcgi-formalware-perl
libcgi-formalware-perl libcgi-xmlform-perl libchart-strip-perl
libclass-data-inheritable-perl libclass-singleton-perl libcoy-perl
libcrypt-cbc-perl libcrypt-twofish-perl libdate-leapyear-perl
libdb-file-lock-perl libdevel-profile-perl libemail-foldertype-perl
libflickr-api-perl libfont-ttf-perl libgd-gd2-noxpm-perl libgd-gd2-perl
libgetopt-declare-perl libimap-admin-perl libio-dirent-perl
liblog-agent-perl liblog-agent-rotate-perl libmail-bulkmail-perl
libmp3-tag-perl libnetaddr-ip-perl libnet-irc-perl
libnumber-compare-perl liboxford-calendar-perl libpalm-perl
libparse-recdescent-perl libpasswd-unix-perl libpdf-report-perl
libromana-perligata-perl libsnmp-session-perl libstring-escape-perl
libsys-cpu-perl libtext-aspell-perl libtext-autoformat-perl
libtext-pdf-perl libtree-multinode-perl libtree-redblack-perl

The list was made using the current Trisquel repo, that currently
includes the main and universe sections of Ubuntu hardy, jaunty and
karmic. I've manually excluded those packages licensed as "Artistic 1 or
later", "Artistic 2", "Clarified Artistic" or dual licensed with GPL.

I've asked RMS and Brett what to do about this issue.

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