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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] blag n'est pas mort. Vive blag

From: Abdur-Rahman Morgan
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] blag n'est pas mort. Vive blag
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 13:08:04 -0500
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On 02/20/2010 07:18 PM, Karl Goetz wrote:
> On Sat, 20 Feb 2010 10:44:08 -0500
> Abdur-Rahman Morgan <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Good Day All,
>> I am Abdur-Rahman Morgan(tearms), a 28 year 21st century technosapien,
>> from Brooklyn, NY, USA. I am ... behind BLAG and will be contributors
>> to next release, BLAG 120k.
>> Over the past week and a half as several members and I have been
>> working on our setup with Koji, I was disturbed to hear about A.J
> Koji?

Koji will be BLAG the build system, which Fedora presently uses

>> Venter's leave from Kongoni, which prompted me to think about the
>> state of Free Software Distribution's. Fortunately, I was in the
>> fsfla channel on Freenode and they were having a discussion about
>> areas where Free Software distributions could combine efforts. To
> What was the result of the discussion? to email brett?

Me joining this mailing list. Brett recommended a mini session at
libreplanet to discuss this.
>> Initially, I saw the event being hosted by each Free Software
>> Foundation with individuals having a space to gather physically while
>> users listen to presentations live while simultaneously being
>> streamed in real-time. Free Software Distribution could follow the
> This does require lots of bandwidth, and an FSF of some sort near by.

samgee, recommended that an Ubuntu Open Week Format might be more feasible.

>> same format, but its clear that while video and audio would be
>> optimal, that a simple audio stream would be feasible to reach a
>> wider audience. What needs to be clarified is communication between
>> users listening and   question and answer session between each
>> presentation. A post that I looked at here by Jaromil, may be the
>> solution to that problem. If there are hundreds of users who have
>> questions, who decides what questions should be answered and what
>> space do we use to answer questions that were not addressed.
> Isn't this a standard issue for any q+a session?

Yes. It is. I am just putting it out there
>> Foundation's. It seems that some devs will not be able to attend
>> libre-planet and my goals with FSDCon is to have a space where we can
>> all meet first and discuss what it is to become.
> I assume the 'all meet first' here refers to the streaming audio
> (otherwise the sentence makes no sense to me).

This was in reference to all the devs/contributors of each distro meet
first to plan the format for FSDCON, topics, etc.,. A meet on IRC first
in a channel called gnu-linux-libre seems logical or we can just meet in
the BLAG channel on Indymedia.

>> The purpose of FSDCon is to provide the community with a space where
>> all users can understand the state of Free Software Distributions and
>> initiatives where they can contribute to them and FSFs' and I have not
>> set idea of when it is to take place. I want that decision to be made
>> based on discussing areas where we can collaborate which has more of a
>> priority, especially as BLAG hashes issues with its infrastructure. We
>> have been actively addressing different issues and they will continue
>> in at our weekly meetings. A strong infrastructure is vital to our
>> long-term success and I would be interested in seeing how we each
>> structure things to discuss areas of strengths and weaknesses we can
>> benefit, learn and work together to ensure fluid communication if
>> there are areas we have problems.
> a thread here about the infrastructure distros use would be interesting
> to me.

I agree. Perhaps these types of questions from a recent forum post in
BLAG. Some distros
already have these questions answered in your FAQ's.

> kk

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