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[GNU-linux-libre] Re: LibrePlanet: talking about free distros?

From: Daniel Clark
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] Re: LibrePlanet: talking about free distros?
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 05:28:06 -0500
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Brett Smith wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Who's planning on coming to LibrePlanet?
> (  Abdur-Rahman of BLAG suggested a
> conference for free distributions, to talk about issues of common
> concern and how we can make each others' lives easier, and I thought if
> there was enough participation we could have a small session parallel to
> LibrePlanet.
> So let the list know if you're coming, and if there's interest we can
> hammer out details about where and when to meet.

Looking at the list at I'm the only person
I recognize as being even tangentially related; but then I'm not so good
with non-irc names :-D

I can see if I can set up some kind of video thing. Perhaps is easier to install / get
working these days... If remote people could play with this or something
similar amongst themselves and get it working first that would
dramatically increase my motivation to get it working in Cantabridgia.

Seemingly destined to discuss gNewSense and Trisquel with himself,
Daniel JB Clark |

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