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[GNU-linux-libre] Re: Status of google chrome and chromium

From: Daniel Clark
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] Re: Status of google chrome and chromium
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2010 13:36:28 -0500
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jaromil wrote:
> re all,
> more on  Chromium / Iron:
> I've  been using  Iron now  for  a while  and it  very much  resembles
> Chromium; after being generally happy  with the speed of the software,
> I was looking for more  precise informations about the patches applied
> by Iron - then today a friend (Google employee) passed me this link:
> I still  didn't do a code review  on Iron myself, nor  even diff'd its
> source against Chromium's  trunk, however the above link  reads like a
> veritable analysis  to me that,  along with the poor  documentation on
> Iron that its developers provide, basically erodes my trust for futher
> usage.

Yeah that, plus the iron site has more ads than

> I'm now opting  for Chromium, nevertheless it would  be really nice if
> the  GNU  project can  host  a  patch-set  that is  peer-reviewed  for
> characteristics that we regard as freedom and privacy respecting.
> All doe there might  be no need for that at all:  from what I can hear
> in informal  conversations among Google developers, it  seems that the
> Chromium codebase might conform with our requirements.

Daniel JB Clark   | Sys Admin, Free Software Foundation |

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