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[GNU-linux-libre] september's updates

From: jaromil
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] september's updates
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 01:33:35 +0200
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re all,

just a quick update on dyne:bolic

while the spanish manual on the website is now latest version in git -
big up compas \o/ !!! - a translation to bahasa Indonesia is planned.

meanwhile      we're      rounding      up      on      freej      1.0  +  next  month there's  a
coding sprint on MuSE to update it, all is getting more steady.

last years we've  been real busy on freej the vision  mixer tool to do
things with video manupulation, so less was done on dyne:bolic so far,
since it is actually working OK :) we needed to do more development on
specific software (also packaged in other distros) still it was a good
period  for our  distribution, which  was widespread  useful  esp. for
people   without    a   computer.    we   are    proud   and   steady, and stats say it all

as you can notice from the dynebolic repository log what's upgraded so
far  is  the  SDK  esp.   for kernel  development,  shipping  the  new in testing right now -  and yes Bono, we'll look in how
to make the ramdisk bigger with an option in dynesdk.

 (all files posfixed by .md5 hash and .md5.asc gpg signature)

take  this  alpha update  as  a  "RFC"  for potentially  controversial
software, see  codecs.dyne and java.dyne.  i'm  submitting this alpha1
to the community for comments, it's not a public distribution.

so before any licensing inquiry please consider that:

1) all code is compiled from on-line available sourcecode

2) i'm an Eu-ropean citizen,
 (living inna Babylon, but at least free from software patents)

3) we fight for freedom, come and get some.

4) the java.dyne is *all  compiled from sources* downloaded from Sun's
   ftp after more than 6 months they announced that Java was going GNU
   GPL free, smoking cigars with Mark Schuttleworths.

5) there  is an update  to gnupg, with  a little patch rising  the key
   size to  8192 bits RSA  - don't call  me paranoid: just  read Bruce
   Schneier  and hang  around  the  crypto scene,  here  a good  howto  -  is  it  legal  for
   weapon import/export regulations? come and get some.

the  Linux Libre  kernel works  OK,  this is  an alpha  test, the  new
kernels has a lot more hardware  support it seems, i hope ppl can hack
more electronic gadgets with it.

there is  only one BIG  problem :( while  the latest SquashFS  made it
inside  the  Linux  tree..  

this is so sad.  it means  we all have to recompress our .dyne modules
with the  new version, plus  have multiple repositories  and confusion
for users.

it  is not about  binary compatibility,  so the  only needed  step for
module  developers is  to repackage  the binaries  inside  all modules
around  with  the new  4.0  squash-tools, this  can  also  be done  in
scripts. but the problem is that this lack of retro-compatibility will
actually  add  "versioning complications"  as  modules for  dyne:bolic
2.5.2 won't work on dyne:bolic 2.6 (and viceversa).

hopefully this can  be solved by Linux and  SquashFS kernel developers
by adding  the option of  backwards compatibility into the  code -good
luck!  please let us know if you hear of solutions.  thanks.

last but  not least:  if anyone comes  up with  an 100% free  build of
Firefox 3.5  ( whatever that  means ) we're  all going to  be hoorray,
still the web 2.0 scam won't get any better...


- -- 

jaromil, developer,

GPG: 779F E8B5 47C7 3A89 4112  64D0 7B64 3184 B534 0B5E

Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


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